Latest News:

4-30-09: I've been working a lot with Enthrall The Weak and their album is near completion, and I've also been working with Josie's Well, who plans to record two or three more songs to complete their first album.


1-14-09: Blank Mind tracked 3 more new songs yesterday, called "Situation," "Hold On Tight," and "Only One" for a new EP. They recorded a 4 song EP called "Hook Line & Stinker" back in October with me as well.

2-17-08: Ashton's Magnum's EP was finished a few days ago, you can check it out on their myspace page. Also I've been working with Enthrall The Weak from Ashland, OH and recorded a 2 song demo for Unmasked Fear.

10-8-07: A lot has been going on on the recording front, and I haven't had time to update this site much. I've been working with Phil Ondich, formerly of Black Label Society's new project, as well as several new bands such as Ichabod Crane, Unmasked Fear, and Forever Undone.


12-6-06: On Saturday, Dec. 2nd, I went to 5 Knuckle Shuffle's rehearsal studio and we recorded a theme song "BoogieLand" for Boogie Street Guitars out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was mixed the very next day and several mixes and loops were made for background use for voiceovers for promotional videos and future DVDs.


Welcome to The Fuzz Recording Studio website

NOTE: THIS WEBSITE IS BADLY OUT OF DATE, BUT I AM STILL RECORDING. GET AHOLD OF ME at 419-689-0233, and leave a message if I do not answer (I tend not to answer numbers I am not familiar with), or feel free to text me! I have a full time factory job but producing, engineering, mixing, and mastering projects for bands is still a major passion of mine. I am constantly getting new gear and improving my skills. Most of the information on this website is badly out of date, so it is best to contact me if you would like current samples of my work or to discuss specifics or pricing on a project!

If you have a band that's looking to record an EP, full-length cd, or even record one of your band's practices live in your rehearsal space, then look no further. I currently reside in Ohio, however, I am willing to drive to neighboring states for recording projects as well. I offer professional sounding results at a fraction of the price that most local studios here in Ohio charge. I can charge by the hour (for recording live practices), or by the song (for recording time-consuming full-production projects); it's up to you to decide how you want to handle payment and the methods in which we record...whichever costs less for you is how much I will charge. If you would like to record a rehearsal, do not worry, I spend just as much time editing, mixing, and mastering quicker recordings as I do for long-term projects, because I care what the end results are. At the end of the day, your recordings will have my name on them too...I hope to make both your band and my studio look good; there are no rushed jobs here. There are a lot of local studios that have hundreds of thousands of dollars wrapped up into tons of expensive gear...but at the end of the day, it's all about the person who's recording it knowing how to use not only the gear, but their ears and instinct as well. Tired of spending a lot of money on a recording that sounds like a bad demo? Please take the time to look around the site, check out the sound samples of my work with past clients and if you like what you hear, then maybe we can work together soon. - Danny "Deege" Dunford


Current Projects :

The Fuzz Recording Studio is currently working with:

Upcoming Projects :

The Fuzz Recording Studio will be working soon with:

  • Phantom13 (Marion, OH)
  • In2Deep (Bucyrus/Shelby, OH)
  • The Heights Band (Barberton, OH)
  • Fenrir (Milford, OH)
  • Enthrall The Weak (Ashland, OH)

Past Projects :

I've recently finished the following projects:

  • Hello Goliath (Greenwich, OH)
  • In2Deep (Bucyrus/Shelby, OH)
  • Stormbrewer (Mansfield, OH)
  • Conklin (Sulphur Springs, OH)
  • Shark Week! (Akron, OH) - 2 Songs + Intro track
  • Ashton's Magnum (Bucyrus, OH) - 3 songs, plus remixed previous 5 song EP
  • The Vacant Lot (Mansfield, OH) - drum tracks
  • Enthrall The Weak (Ashland, OH) - Full Length CD
  • Forever Undone (Akron, OH) - Drum tracks
  • Blank Mind (Ashland, OH) - 3 song EP
  • Failed Attempt At Flying (Wooster, OH) - 5 song EP
  • Dominance (Carey, OH) - 2 song EP
  • Blank Mind (Ashland, OH) - Hook, Line & Stinker EP
  • The Kokosing River Surfing Club (Mt. Vernon, OH) - 5 song EP
  • Unmasked Fear (Bucyrus, OH) - 4 song EP
  • Hell's Hideout (featuring Phil Ondich [ex-Black Label Society drummer/co-founder])
  • Mike West (Mt. Vernon, OH) - 9 song acoustic project
  • When Skies Go Black (Ashland, OH) - 7 song CD
  • Ichabod Crane (Wooster, OH) - No Son Of Glory EP
  • Ashton's Magnum (Bucyrus, OH) - 5 track EP
  • BoogieStreet Guitars acoustic project
  • Unmasked Fear (Bucyrus, OH) - 2 track EP
  • 5 Knuckle Shuffle (Akron, OH) - 3rd full length unfinished - band broke up
  • Lew Sleeman (Mt. Vernon, OH) - Christmas album vocal tracks
  • Sick Sick Sister (Portland, OR) - Mastered full length album
  • Forever Undone (Akron, OH) - Face Melting Breakdowns All Day (5 song EP)
  • Senior Citizen (Mansfield, OH) - third album - mostly finished, band broke up
  • Lew Sleeman (Mt. Vernon, OH) - 2 full albums of vocal tracks
  • Ichabod Crane (Wooster, OH) - 6 track EP
  • Source Of Conflict (Bucyrus, OH) - 2 track EP
  • Karma Has Kelly (Amherst, OH) - Self-titled album (7 songs)
  • Jerct (Canton, OH)
  • Fault Not Taken (Mansfield, OH)
  • 5 Knuckle Shuffle (New Philadelphia, OH) - Vendettacide (full length album)
  • Burndown from Chicago, IL (engineered 3 songs' drums, guitar, and bass)
  • Words Are Enough (Mansfield, OH) - 3 Song EP
  • Senior Citizen (Mansfield, OH) - Live On 10-30-04
  • John Nuemann (Mansfield, OH) - untitled piano song
  • Beyond Recognition (Toledo, OH) - 3 Dave Carpenter solo acoustic songs.
  • Buffalo Creek Disaster's 4 song EP
  • The Finest Hour's 3 song EP "Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid"
  • Hobo Fashion Show's "As Numbered As The Stars" EP
  • Recorded one-off track "Death On Northern Shores" for Senior Citizen
  • Crime Scene's "Do Not Enter" EP
  • Recorded drum track by ex-BLS drummer Phil "Philth" Ondich for Kansas City band L.I.E.
  • Horror Business (Misfits cover band)- Live Halloween album
  • Eclipse The Sky - 4 Song EP
  • 5 Knuckle Shuffle - Ancestors' Sins (full length album)
  • Senior Citizen - Volume 23 (full length album)
  • Banned - Handle Without Care
  • Possum Sandwich - Take A Bite EP
  • Senior Citizen - Fike Off (full length album)
  • Melodicdeath (full length album)


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