There are many different ways to record bands, therefore there are different payment options as well:

1.) Multitrack - Most bands prefer to record each instrument seperately to a click-track, starting with the guitars, then tracking the drums, then the final tracking for guitars, bass, then vocals and anything else you want to add into the songs. I usually charge $150 per song, which includes time spent to edit, mix, and master the final disc. I spend a lot of time and attention on the final product, as the album will not only be representative of your band, but it represents my recording skills as well.. For a limited time, any songs you record over 12 songs is free, as a special deal to the first 10 bands that I record (so if a band were to record more than 12 songs, they would only be charged for 12). All of these rates are negotiable within reason.

2.) Live - Some bands prefer me to record them completely live in their own rehearsal space, as they feel they are captured best when performing live. I can charge per hour, or per song, whichever is the better deal for the band. (The hourly fee is negotiable, depending on each individual circumstance).

3.) Both - Some bands prefer to use a mixture of the above two methods of recording, such as recording the drums, bass, and rythym guitar at the same time, and then overdubbing vocals and everything else in seperately afterwards. This way, the overall feel of the band keeps it's intensity, but time can be spent on the vocals in order to make them sound as professional as possible. It is best to use the per-song price of $150 for these types of recording sessions.


If you have any other projects, such as mastering, editing, noise reduction, audio restoration, or want a website or some artwork made for your CD, or any questions, please e-mail me for a price quote or to make a deal. Also, please note, in addition to these prices, the bands are also responsible for my gas money, food and somewhere to stay if I must travel long distances...but I am reasonable when it comes to somewhere to stay and food


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